Web Development:

Web development is the building and maintaining process of a website. It is behind the scenes of a great website that has an effective speed and a seamless design. Web developers normally require coding skills. The coding languages depend upon the experience and what has been taught to the developer. Codes convert into a smooth website. 


Whether it is coding your way through a website or developing it via themes, we excel in everything. You need us because your business seeks online representation and it can be done by building an impactful website. Your website communicates your brand to the potential customers and we design and plan that for you. We carry a vision for your brand and represent it by putting all the knowledge and experience we carry. We also challenge ourselves with every new project that we take up so you will definitely not get something that has already been made. Exclusivity and quality are our key motives. 


If you are still wondering why a website is really important for businesses, it is because of the age we are living in. Websites are almost the second thought that startups plan after idealizing the products and services they will cater. Websites are sometimes your online stores and other times they are just like a portfolio that creates a brand image for you. Websites are one stop destination for clients, employers, admirers to come and gather the official information from. They are able to contact you or buy your products or book the services. Isn’t that effective for your brand then?


Web developments start with communication. We first understand your business. Then we plan out what your website would require for a strong online representation. We make notes of what would be included and what tone we want to set for the brand. Then we decide colors and layouts. We try to make the design as different as possible. We also keep your competitors in mind. We hop onto trends and still keep you authentic. Then we start developing and actually building your website block by block. We give those extra animations and touches that your website requires and voila, your website is live and running. The strategies, planning, focus and dedication is what makes us stand apart from everyone else. 


WordPress is an open source Content management system used to make and maintain websites for individuals with a less technical background. WordPress website design is one of the leading scopes in the eCommerce industry. It is because WordPress websites are easy to maintain and very cost+time friendly. Leading brands Walt Disney and shopping brands like Mark and Spencer use WordPress for their management and public appearance as a running successful brand. 

Shailex has excelled in the art of WordPress Website Design and Development since 2017 now. Developing responsive and successful websites that are easy to manage is the key factor in our work of quality. Our timely services make it easy for you to represent your brand more effectively. We help to drive better awareness and business for your brand by adding value to your work and representation. We build our brand by building your brand


HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the web languages used to make websites. These three languages are very deeply related to each other but they still have the specific tasks that they fulfill to make a responsive and running website. 

Although there are many languages today that can help to develop a great website, these three languages (HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT) are important to do basic development. 

The very reason we develop with HTML, CSS, and Javascript is that Shailex (your reliable website company) believes in staying true to our roots. The company was started on the basis of these languages and we still continue to serve the authentic languages that we carry deep knowledge of. Another benefit of having HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages is that they make the most responsive websites. If you want to get your website developed in an efficient, quick, and affordable way, make sure to contact us (link)

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