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Two thirds of companies and firms find it difficult to generate blog topics everyday. And it truly is. It is not easy to brainstorm ideas about the same niche and yet come up with something dazzling.

But should you give up thinking there is nothing new you can create content about? Of course no! Know that there is always a way to do things differently. And that is what we are going to talk about today. 

You might have generated content similar to your competition in the industry. You might have hopped on the trend that everyone is talking about but it fades away, you know. Trends don’t last and you are left with nowhere to go and your creative block takes up all your ideas. Well, what do you do then? You go to YouTube. 

I know it sounds vague, shocking, and to some of you even stupid. How can I go to YouTube to search for my blog ideas? Give me a chance and read with me, I will make sure to convince you by the end of this blog that you should head over to YouTube to get ideas for blogs


You might go and hustle for keeping up with trends and redirecting your content, even using UGC. But it is all out there. Your competition is doing the same. Your competition’s competition is doing the same. Everyone knows these tricks now.

So even if you think you are going to create something phenomenal, other people will end up writing and creating something similar. Because you are playing on the same ground. It is like you are running a race with rats and expecting to win with horses. 

Say you have created a blog called “Predictions: What Digital Marketing Trends Will Work in 2021” and your competitor creates “How To Grow in 2021 by digital marketing”. Ultimately, you will end up talking about the same points. So, you are not catering something that is new. People have read it. Or their audience will not come and read your blog again. Your loss only? 

But not a lot of people go to YouTube for upcycling the blog topics. YouTube videos have not been created into researching for topics that people can read. It is new. It is a perspective that has just come. It is brewing and everything that is new and rare, you know you should grab the opportunity and use it till you reach the heights you aim. And we really hope you reach the heights you aim. But it requires work, so keep reading and stay focused. 

YouTube Content Ideas Have No Limits:

500 hours of content gets uploaded on YouTube every minute. And the numbers are growing every year. Six movie studios released 87 pictures in 2019 at an average length of 96 minutes. It is more content than Hollywood creates in a year. 

With so much content that is being uploaded every single minute, what makes you think you will not find a blog topic that is unique, out of the box, never spoken about before? 

It is very easy to find unique blog ideas from YouTube. You should not even worry about that. But what should you worry about? What are the notes you should make? 

The first and foremost point to note here is, that when people watch YouTube videos, they can not skip the video because then they will lose the information and connection. They will lose the context if they watch a video from between. This takes up their time and they are not even interested to watch what they already know. This is the pain point. So now, what you can do with your blog is, you can write what the video is talking about, but in a clear way. Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you to write the same what the video is talking about. Obviously you need to do your research, include your experiences, talk about your perspective. But keep in mind that you need to keep your readability simple so that people can skip the information they think is not useful for them. Make it easy for them to consume information. 

Anyway, only 29% of people read the blog from top to bottom. Rest of them just scroll by and read what they think is interesting. Here is your +1 point. Start working on your YouTube content idea already. 

Create your YouTube competitions now. 

See, you will not reach heights unless you beat your competition. Small victories give big achievements. So now, you need to scroll and see what content is created by YouTubers, how you can improve it and cater to your audience in a simplified way.

The basic idea behind catering the content from YouTube is to get ideas and then use it to make your content better. 

Stalk the people who are in your niche. Talk to your team and see what they think of them and what are their strengths and weaknesses. Observe their weaknesses and provide those qualities to your clients but make sure to learn from their strengths too. This may seem very silly, but it is strategic planning. You should always see what customers are preferring and where are clients attracted to. Go to the limits where you actually conduct research and observe very closely what is it that is working for your competition. Observation is the key for coming up with unique blog ideas. 

Okay, are you wondering how I can observe my competition and other creators? We have got that covered too. In the next few points, we will practically teach you how to gather content and create upcycle content that has already been created. Read carefully and understand the intent behind every tip that we give. 

  • Read Comments 

Have you ever been a part of this YouTube comment section discussion? YouTube communities are actually very dedicated. They are up for debates, discussions and expressing their emotions and opinions in an open manner. YouTube is interactive. So when you actually watch a video and go to the comment section, people are already talking about the topic. They are expressing what they think was right, with facts. You can also understand the psychology of a content consumer from here. 

Apart from this, there are learners who are genuinely asking questions. Say you have made a video on “how to grow through instagram reels”. Now, someone has asked you “why are instagram reels trending now?” in the comments. You have a blog topic now. Your next blog can be about “why are instagram reels trending suddenly”. See, it was easy and necessary. 

Comments section of YouTube is a treasure to see what people want you to talk about. You just need to pay close attention. 

Moving ahead, if you think YouTube is just a video sharing platform, I can’t tell you how wrong you are. 

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Two billion logged in users visit YouTube every month. Do you have an idea how much content is consumed and how much questions are searched to obtain the videos and tutorials consumers are looking for? That is to think about YouTube content ideas , you never run out of them. So, coming to the point. YouTube is the second largest search engine so obviously there are as many ideas on YouTube as you expect other platforms to have. You do go to Google and search for “blog topics to write about” or “ideas for blogs”  . Don’t feel guilty, we have all been there. Then there are search predictions that come on Google and you choose something and you get what you desired for. 

On YouTube, it is the same. All you need to do is write something of your niche. Just begin writing “Instagram marketing‚Ķ” and you will get other keywords like “instagram marketing strategies” or “why has instagram marketing changed over years” and other so many topics. You can pick one from there, because obviously if it is on the top people want to know and explore it more. It is searched often to be on the top. 

Pro Tip- next time you are searching for blog topics make sure to include “how to ” topics often because people engage with them a lot. 

And if you thought this was it, you were wrong. There is more to it. YouTube also has “people also search for” bar. You can even get better blog ideas in the same niche from there. When people scroll and they do not find something interesting. They go and see the “people also search for” recommendations. That is also how you can generate ideas for the blog you are creating. When we actually look into the process, we realize everything is right in front of our eyes. It is just the perspective that you need to change. You have your answers in front of you. Stop looking for them in the wrong places and claiming “the internet is a tough place to be in”. 

However, another last tip that we have for you is exploring trending pages of YouTube. You can not deny the fact that trending topics sell more than your daily “how to” blog topics. People would read something if they have been seeing it everywhere. Even though trends are for a shorter period of them, they get you a good audience. Now, YouTube’s trending page is very diversified. There are hundreds of thousands of niches. YouTube can not provide you something to find everyday on the trending page. But that does not mean that you should stop looking for it. You should still check the trending page and see if there is a topic that would fit your content and brand. If you find something, lucky for you. Grab it and use it as soon as possible because trends fade away. 

So, these were some of our tips to generate blog topics everyday from YouTube. It is a different perspective to look into the same things. It is new and as beneficial as ever. We recommend you to start looking for your ideas for blogs in the right places. YouTube cares for people, it is not just selling you a product with 100 words in description. 

These were some of our observations and analysis. How do you find your content in different ways? Let us know in the comments.