Shailex is a digital marketing and website design company concentrated on striving for the best. Our services are attainable and rational. We are professionals offering website design services and eCommerce development, digital marketing, content writing, web hosting, and domain services. We excel in providing instant business solutions and skyrocketing progress. Major problems in your website or minor factors like increasing the brand awareness of your start-up, we understand the constantly changing market and provide you with nothing but the best. We are professionals who help you build and sustain your brand digitally. Read ahead to know more about us.


We are constant believers in technology and magic that it can bring in our daily lives. It makes our lives easier and convenient. But it is not easy to stand and walk hand in hand with technology. Our mission is to make technology easy and available to our clients. To be able to utilize the maximum benefit that the internet can provide and uplift the small businesses in the right possible way is our mission to attain complete satisfaction in our work. Alongside that, being affordable and friendly without compromising on professionalism is our primary vision for the agency as well as our valued clients. Our vocation is what drives the passion in our work. 


Founded in the year 2017, it was not easy to sustain. In the dawn of digitalization, the founder of the agency saw good scope in the industry and we had a vision of today where everything would be digitized. 2020 out of all the years has been one of the most digitally accepted years because we had no option to choose from but the internet due to the pandemic. The vision and constant work and passion to learn and grow got the agency to open its own office and enlarge the team with talent and capabilities. With more than 30 website projects and 200+ Instagram accounts handled, we stand tall with experience and the ability to solve all the problems and take up major challenges that our work of website development and WordPress website design, and other website design services offer. We got here with perseverance and consistency and we aim to get ahead with the same amount of work and dedication.


The team of three, including writers and designers, work with us here at Shailex. With the knack of words and colors, our team is united to uplift each other up and cover the weaknesses and strengthen the strengths. We complement each other in the way that progress never hits a pause with us and internally, we grow stronger and wiser with each challenge that we face. The warm-knit team at Shailex will only bring the best in you and each other and we tend to be like this to lighten and brighten the work environment. Visit Shailex and you will never feel the dullness and ordinary – work culture here. We flow ideas and creativity to become the finest versions that we are capable of.


Shailex was founded in 2017 by Shailesh Sachdev. A one-man army handling e-commerce development, website design services, marketing, and content of the agency grew out to be the master of all. The founder in an interview says,  “I didn’t enlarge my team for the longest time because before building a team and taking the responsibility of individuals, who I believe wanted to grow with the agency, I wanted to be fulfilled in my job completely. I was always self-taught from development to designing, I learned everything for myself and by myself. I had to redo my first project 10 times before I could actually give it to the client. Without struggles and experimentation, I don’t believe there is any way a person can be self-reliant.”


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