5 blogs about WordPress to read in 2021

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Web Development

WordPress developers, here’s a treat for you all. WordPress always keeps coming up with updates and there’s always something you need to learn in WordPress. There are so many options that you can only cover so many of them in your mind and that’s why while developing websites, you do google the problem solutions that you face. Whether you are a developer and you are just surfing for better knowledge or you are actually stuck, these blogs should get you going. 

1. 24 must have plugins for business websites:

This blog from wpbeginner was shared by 10,000 people. This blog contains all the plugins that you should use and eases out the pain of figuring out features your client demands. Plugins are already so easy to use and they make our work so easy.  We just need to activate them and they are good to go. This blog will give you an insight into how your problems can be solved and it also optimizes your business website. If you want a guide to know what plugins you must install for a safe and secured website, this is the right blog for you. It takes about 3 minutes to read the blog in detail and you are trained enough to know what plugins are and what are the right actions needed for developing a website. 

2. Top 40+ WordPress themes based on user reviews and popularity

WinningWp in this article explains the importance of having themes and what are the right themes that will suit your client requirements. This 2000 word long article actually gives a good insight into what are the appropriate themes to use for different genres of websites. This article is definitely of great use to people who do not want to invest on premium themes and have just started out. Even the tutorials of these themes are available to ease out your tasks. Some of the popular themes according to us for free would be – Astra, oceanwp, sydney, storefront, writee, mesmerize and many more. 

3. Top 100 WordPress Influencers To Follow 

This blog by WPLeaders allows you to get to know some really important people and influencers in the industry. This blog introduces you to 100 people you must know if you are a wordpress developer and what are their strengths and weaknesses. This blohelp you know true people you must be following for WordPress updates. Aaron, Adam, Darrel, Alice, Gary and so many more. Read this blog to know the roles of these people to know what problem to fix from where when you are stuck. 

4. The Amazing New Divi Transformation Controls

This blog from Elegant Themes Blog will actually give you an insight of how the new divi theme can control so many features with the new update. This two  minute read will actually allow you to know what are the new features and how you can actually get to use them without confusing the design. These new features are really cool and allow you to be more creative and free with how you can develop a clean and sleek website. These guidelines can actually prove to be very very helpful if read with concentrations and focus. 

5. Learning how to design a good website

This blog by JustWP is a guide on how you can actually design a good website and make your client’s brand worth a stare. You might know how a good design can make and break the impression of the brand and it is very relevant to make a good design for the trustworthy brand approach. This blog is a bliss to read for designers who are looking for creative inspiration and even for the beginners who want to know what works and what does not for a creative and impressive design. 

These are some of the most read blogs on wordpress and if you have any doubts in these sectors, these will definitely help you get through the day and solve your problems without a second thought. More inspiration to these bloggers who have so clearly explained the whole process and helped to make development easy for beginners. 

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